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The Guide - (Ya Hadi)

May 16th 2015

In this gathering, Sikander shares a short visual tale as taught by his guide, Murshida Tasnim Hermila Fernandez, who gave this teaching at a retreat in Australia in 2007.


After Sikander's recitation of the tale we dove into the work of the Wazifa in particularly Ya-Hadi (oh Guide) and Ya Nur (oh Light or Divine Light). Below are a few explanations of these phrases followed by a video link to the replay of the entire event.


Thanks and Blessings to all that attended either in person or online!


We work primarily with the 99 names of God as given in the Quran but there are specific names (ie: qualities of God) that in Sufism are focused on in detail. We did the practice Ya Hadi (pronounced Ya like the rasta phrase ya mon & Hadi like Ha as in haha and di is said like the name Dee so Ya Ha Dee). Which means Oh Guide then Ya Nur (pronounced like tour) Ya Hadi - so the Light (or Divine light)


In the healing work we say Ya Shaffee (said like Sha (ah sound) - fee like paying a fee - Sha - Fee then Kafee which almost sounds like coffee when you say Ya Shafee - Ya Kafee so it's coffee with more of a Brooklyn accent ;) Which means the Healer and the Sustainer.


Then the one I did on tour is Ya Qaddus (like KA - Douce) and Ya Qallam (KA - lomm) Which is Holy Spirit and The Word (which I like to, in relation to this word, refer to as perfected speech or the whole phrase to mean Holy Spirit please perfect my speach or allow me to speak thy perfect wisdom. 



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