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Our Philosophy 

Harmonize, Retune, Awaken

Holistic Musician
Harmonize the Mind

Your mind takes in images, sounds, smells, feelings and deep impressions from an enormous amount of incoming experience. Music, people, nature, art, whatever the medium for output, your mind receives PLENTY of input! And from this we form thoughts in our mind. Every thought takes on a life of its own because thoughts are something we create, and this creative energy becomes a powerful vibration that can manifest itself into reality, be it good or bad. Meditation and other techniques used in concert with an organic diet, herbal remedies, and vitamin supplimentation, can bring about a calm clarity of mind and serenity from which intuitive creativity springs forth!

Holistic Musician
Retune the Body

Our bodies are composed of subtle and gross vibrations all of which are reflective of our state of being and overall health. When the rate of a vibration is sped up or slowed down it can have a healing or destructive effect upon the various systems of the body. Each individual also has their own rhythm that corresponds with the inner rhythms and vibrations of the brain, organs, bloodstream etc. so finding and maintaining a balanced rhythm is essential to good health. Herbs, suppliments, and meditative techniques work because they speed up or slow down the vibrations in an affected area, re-aligning that body part to it's natural rhythm!

Holistic Musician
Awaken the Spirit

Vibrations are also transformed when expressing human emotions. By learning to fuse your physical essence with creative expression you can draw from that which inspires you and echo the sentiments of that inspiration in your life. We believe that by expressing yourself creatively, with a clear intention behind it, you can awaken a powerfully transformative force within yourself that can heal mind, body, and soul amd harmonize your life. Holistic Musician is dedicated to helping others explore new ways to live healthier, happier, and more harmonized lives that creatively express the beauty of individuality and self-discovery.

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