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Tools to Aid Your Inner Journey

    Holistic Musician is dedicated to aiding others on their own personal journey by offering many tools and services to help you along your individual path. We offer many ways for you to use the power of music to heal and to inspire others to live a long fruitful life by re-attuning mind, body, and spirit with the divine essence within!



Now offering private Sound Healing sessions in Los Angeles for an introductory rate of $60 an hr.

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Healing Service

The Sufi Healing Order was established by Pir Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan in 1910. Today it is one of the five Activities of the Sufi Order International, and its purpose is to develop the natural human capacity of healing through spiritual dimensions. The Healing Service was developed to provide a process through which a group of people offer distance healing to others through prayer and concentration. Since its inception, the Healing Service has remained the core of the activity of the Sufi Healing Order, which also includes the ordination of Healing Conductors, who are authorized to conduct the Service and to give classes on teachings concerning healing. Sikander Scott Von Heldt is ordained as Healing Conductor for the Sufi Healing Order.

Private Sessions

For those who prefer a private face to face setting, private sessions either in person or via Skype, Facetime, etc. are available. In these personal meetings one can recieve hands on personal attention to specific areas that need healing or areas in your creative life that need helped along to fully awaken and flourish. Sessions include Tuning Fork work, Vocal Toning, Sound Bath, and much more! Other lessons include Vocal Coaching/Singing, Guitar, Songwriting and composition skills, and music career coaching. Private healing sessions are also available for those in need, in which you will have a chance to really be fully heard and let the call of your need be answered by the divine. 

Group Classes
& Seminars

Opening a deeper connection with your mind, body, and spirit will directly affect your musical expression and creativity as you walk the path of self-discovery. Reaching your highest potential as an artist means becoming a WHOLE musician in mind, body, and spirit. By tuning in to the self and what it is intuitively saying to us, we can tap into not only our highest potential but we can even tap into the divine essence that makes music the true celestial art! Classes offer insights into the power of intention, mental clarity, and purity of expression while introducing sound healing concepts and practices taught by the mystics. Seminars and clinics explore these same ideals and furthermore encourages group discussion and free-form improvisation based on the themes discussed.For class details CLICK HERE

Wellness Products

H​olistic Musician offers a wide range of wellness poducts from music CD's and MP3 downloads, books and printable lessons, to a variety of herbal suppliments, organic teas, and other various items that promote a well balanced holistic approach to overall well-being! We also offer personalized mediations and practices based on your own personal journey. Whether you are seeking a particual soundscape to open your heart, a specific mala or mantra to aid you in your mediatative process, or a information on which suppliments may help open a blocked channel in your body and or spirit, Holistic Musician can help.

To see some of the products we offer CLICK HERE.


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