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Holistic Musician is an organization dedicated to using the power of music to heal and to inspire others to live a long fruitful life by re-attuning mind, body, and spirit with the divine essence within!



To inquire about private lessons or healing services please email:

Holistic Musician is geared towards helping each individual reach for and acheive their goals be they personal, creative, or spiritual in nature, with personal attention paid to each individuals needs.

Holistic Musician offers, consultations, healing sessions, seminars, lessons, books, recordings, and herbal and holistic remedies to enrich life and expand creativity!

Holistic Musician

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Holistic Musician was formed by Sikander Scott Von Heldt, a musician and author dedicated to the art of human expression. His teachings stem from his path of Sufism, and borrow from several of the religions and philosophies he has studied over many years.

Click Here to check out Scott's book - Mind Over Metal: The Musician's Guide to Mental Mastery



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