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Music: A Doorway to Self-Realization


Realization is the awakening of a certain level of understanding, in which something that appeared unclear has revealed its secret and the mystery behind it has been exposed. It is the act of knowing what is real and aligning ones vision with each new truth as it is unveiled. So in essence one could say SELF-realization is looking at life through the REAL EYES of the self!

By finding that deeper connectivity to the creative essence that makes YOU a unique individual, you will give your life and your art a new purpose and a desire to express it by simply living up to the highest conception you have of yourself. So how does one go about realizing the self through music? It begins by studying your own nature, such as your habits, your ideas, your dreams and desires.

By understanding clearly what it is that you wish to achieve and by identifying the habits you have adopted that keep you from reaching that goal. With this understanding we can re-sculpt our lives to express whom we really are.

“Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got.” – Janis Joplin

To fully express your self, you have to know yourself and unfortunately most people identify themselves with how they are perceived by others. We have become so consumed with our appearance to others that we take drastic measures to appear, as we would assume others would wish us to appear. By viewing yourself through the eyes of others you become detached from your intuitive voice that is calling out for you to fully express the depths of your being.

Music is an art form by which we cultivate our individuality, so to punish yourself for not living up to someone else's expectations or raising your own expectations to please someone else is completely counter productive. You may as well put down the guitar and walk in the other direction, because that’s literally what you would be doing to yourself, walking in a completely different direction than the direction that the “real you” wants to go in. By learning to control your thoughts and only focus on that which will aide in the fulfillment of your purpose, you will be able to tune your mind, body and spirit with the frequency of your true self. Self-discovery is also a process of cultivation, which is the same thing we are doing as musicians every time we practice.

We are cultivating our creative expression and perfecting the techniques to perform them in a way that will project that creative expression through our art. This is the ultimate aim of a martial artist as well, so let’s take a moment to compare these two forms of artistry. In martial arts there is a warrior mentality present, that mentality is to be aware of your opponent and be prepared to intercept the energy that of their attack and counteract it in a way that you use its force against them. It is the same with music; you can learn to gracefully use the energy of each musical technique to create your perfect masterpiece. Through your experience as an artist expressing yourself begins with knowing yourself. Through this process of self-discovery you will unlock hidden potential within you that will be transmitted through your art infusing it with a great power and presence.

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