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Holistic Musician
​​​"Scott poured his heart into everything we did as a band - despite the crushing disappointments we faced. He truly desires to use his musical gifts to inspire people rather than "making it" in music. But my biggest applause to him is for sacrificing things he loved to be with his family." 
- Brian "HEAD" Welch (Korn, Love and Death)​​​​​

"I've known Scott for many years, and from the beginning it was obvious that he possessed something very special, something that few musicians can ever come close to having: that rare combination of musical ability, passion, foresight, empathy, compassion, and a spiritual connection that ties it all together. This allowed him, in my opinion, to take risks that few understood at the time but has ultimately taken his career and understanding of the music industry to new heights."

- Gary (Vocalist)

​I took guitar lessons from Scott for about 2 years. Scott was a great teacher, he opened me up to a whole new style of music and guitar playing. He took my ba ba black sheep lesson and turned that into shredding scales. When I got into a band and quit coming to lessons he came to our practice and helped us out. He then got us our first show ever at our local fairgrounds. I learned a lot from Scott and still use what I learned in my music today.

- Tom (Student)

​​"SVH is one the best musicians I have had the pleasure to work with. He puts his heart into EVERYTHING he does and really works to inspire people through his music"

- Ivan de Prume (White Zombie, Healer)

Holistic Musician

​​​"Scott is a man of many talents, but one talent outside of music is the determination and perseverance to do what you want no matter the circumstances and never give up on your dreams"
- Nate (Guitarist of THIQ & FLAW road crew)

Holistic Musician

"Scott Von Heldt is one of the reasons I'm still in the music business. I can't possibly thank him enough for the positive values he's helped to instill in me, for being a genuine artist, & a lifetime friend and mentor. He has built his music career on integrity & passion, in an otherwise cold & spurious industry."

- Nick Woodruff (Underground concert venue, & Russett Burbank)

"You truly are a wonderful teacher, lead by example!"​​​​

- ​Jay (Local Musician)

Holistic Musician

"Scott is an accomplished musician and a true professional. He's also just an all around great guy and caring individual. I enjoyed working with him and hope to work with him again in the future."

- Mark Nawara - CEO Pavement Entertainment, Inc.


"SVH and myself are fellow guitar teachers and musicians, we also worked about 10 feet from each other for a year and a half in music publishing. The tedious nature of our work had us looking for a release from the monotony, and we responded by cracking jokes and making each other laugh. Everyday we could laugh ourselves to tears with inside talk that only a talented guitarist could understand. Hour after hour, day after day and month after month it was a joy to work with Scott. I have many good memories and I still chuckle when I remember some of our japes. Don't let his hair fool you, he's a good man with a good heart and an extremely talented musician that gets his mojo from a deep philosophical place that originates somewhere in...his dread-locks!"

- Eric (Guitarist)


Holistic Musician

"Take the energy and feeling of SRV and combine it with the technical innovation of EVH and add a touch of Zen Mastery and you get an original SVH!"

 - Mickey Richardson (Founder of

"I have seen, heard, read, or been there for just about all of the amazingness that SVH has brought to music and the industry... I can truly say he has transformed the way I see the world through music!"​​​

- Alley(\(\(Student)

​"Here's to Scott Von Heldt ( SVH ) - why....cause he's killer and I hope one day to be able to rise above it all as depicted in his enlightenment photo." 

- Scottie Mack (Guitarist/Bodybuilder)​​

"Having known Scott for twenty years and worked within the same project with him for eight of those years, I can honestly say that the musical mission he is on is an all-encompassing life's endeavor. He continues to amaze me, to aspire and to strive within this calling, ever mindful of the complexities and drive such a vocation requires. Business-wise, performance-wise, composition-wise, he is one of my heroes."
-Matthew Benjamin Bennett, Author and former member of Kurai
Holistic Musician
"I have had the privilege to be Scott's friend & band member for over 2 decades and within that time he has and still is an inspiration to me! Not only because of his talents as a songwriter, guitarist, lyricist & vocalist but also with his drive, determination, spiritualism & passion for his music and within his life. A true original!!"
- Shawn "Mr. Sawbladehead" Lowery (Artist, Drummer, Designer, and former member of Kurai)
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