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Create a New You with YouTube!

YouTube Videos Equal Instant Gratification

The other day, before my band mates and I left for our latest tour, we sat around a laptop and searched out some crazy shred videos on YouTube. From Jason Becker, to Paul Gilbert, and even Ritchie Blackmore and Allan Holdsworth were sweep picking coming out of the 1960's!

Video Killed the Radio Star!

In the 80's, we entered the video age, with the advent of MTV, listeners where then able to visualize music in a whole new way. But today we live in a new era in which video technology has mixed with the capabilities of the internet. This has allowed us to see things that we would never had been able to see, had we not witnessed them first hand. This portal opened the floodgate for a whole new generation to experience guitar in a whole new way. From watching your favorite guitarists, to instructional materials, the fact is, YouTube can help to transform your guitar artistry! Here's three quick ways to create a new you with YouTube!

Three Quick Tips

Watch Your Favorite Guitarist on YouTube: Slash Tearin' it up with Guns N Roses, Live at the Ritz '88!

Although YouTube is famous for propelling the likes of dancing monkeys and farting Cupcakes to stardom, you too can improve through YouTube! Take advantage of this awesome resource and make the most of it!

  • Watch your favorite band or guitarist perform. I like to look up the same song from different shows and see how consistent they are. Watching others perform opens your mind to new possibilities by serving as inspiration.

  • Watch yourself! It used to be quite an ordeal to get your show documented on video. You needed a video camera, tripod, tapes, etc. But nowadays it's as easy as holding up a cell phone, pushing a button, and your live in high def! Check out your clips of live shows and take note of the good in them and be honest with yourself about what can be improved!

  • Get some help. There are tons of awesome lessons and instructional materials on the web and its as easy as searching YouTube or Google for videos of things you'd like to learn about.

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