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When it comes to being creative we often think of the need to "get in the creative mindset" which could take on many forms or ritual practices in the efforts to conjure up thy inner mojo. But there are many opportunities where the juices are flowing and a great idea comes a knockin' and yet we choose not to open the door. Some of the BEST music was created in a moments time and started with a simple idea or melody that just seems to spring up from out of nowhere. These are the inner inspirations that speak to us and show us how to expand out creativity and over all ability as an artist.

Photo by rockmixer

The important thing is to act on the impulses when they begin to knock at you. I recently finished a tour in which one of the sponsors fed us quite often too. We all walked around the backstage and the bus humming little tunes about the delicious food we were eating and when I got home I was still humming this little melody in my head. That's when the little creative gobblins started knocking and I graciously let them in. I sat down with my guitar and in less than two hours I had recorded guitars, bass, drums, and vocals and even mixed an awesome little jingle for that fine food establishment. I sent it to them and they LOVED IT! So creativity can come in even the smallest and most obscure manners and those are the opportunities that can transform your musicality and make you think outside the box. You have to also remember to be receptive. It's like the concept of emptying your cup so that you can pour more in it. We have to let go of our comfort zone and be willing to step outside the realm of what we know we do well and try to reach for something we know is something we must yet learn. Many times there is a self-confidence issue that looms over ones ability to just let go and try something new. So don't be afraid to let loose and see what happens! You may just be pleasantly surprised!

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