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The Power of Intention!

Have you ever sat back and wondered what it was about certain musicians or their music that made them stand out above all others? What does it take to create a timeless work of art that will be listened to and enjoyed for years to come? When you think of legendary guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton and the like, you think not only of the originality they possess but the feeling you get while you are listening to them play. It's almost mesmerizing! This is in part due to the level of technical skill they possess but has much more to do with the energy and soul that they transfer through the music. As far back as Beethoven and Mozart there have been artists who's music takes on a life of it's own. The secret to these great works is the intention behind the music. A man can use a thousand words to describe an idea and still leave you clueless as to their point, whereas another can leave you awestruck and entranced with only a few words. This rings true very loudly when creating music as well. Those artists that remain iconic we're all able to step outside of themselves (meaning they were able to detach themselves from the thinking process of writing and just allow music to flow naturally from the soul) and give the world much more than just a great listening experience, but they gave us the key to achieving artistic purity at it's highest level. Albeit, commercial success (in this day and age) is a major focal point of being a musician, after all we gotta eat and pay the bills, but when one can detach from thought of success or popularity and be immersed in the joy and ecstasy of pure musical expression, that is where music becomes something magical. If we look at other cultures around the globe, we can see that in many places, music takes on a transformational power that (as the great George Clinton says) can not only move but re-move all afflictions from ones mind, body and spirit! The great Sufi Mystics of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan hold ceremonies in which the simple beating of a drum puts the body in such a rhythm that they can jump into the fire without being burned, or they can endure a stabbing wound from a knife or sword and be instantly healed by the vibratory frequencies that the body has been elevated to. Another great example is the Native American Pow Wow, in which the alignment of drum and dance take one on a journey through the depths of the inner spirit. With these thoughts in mind, we as musicians can work to step outside the mind and step into the flow of the rhythm of life and be carried away by the music instead of trying to focus solely on what we think may be the next big hit. Here are a few ways that as musicians we can infuse the power of intention into our artistry: *Spend a few moments in silence clearing the mind before practice. *Focus on the breath allowing the body's natural rhythm to take over. *Just jam, without any thought or focus, just play and see what comes out! *Practice visualization. See yourself on a huge stage playing for thousands who are completely entranced by your performance. *Remind yourself daily of your musical goals and aspirations and allow yourself to FULLY BELIEVE you are already achieving those goals! By focusing your intentions on the goals you want to achieve as a musician and allowing yourself to step into your instrument, you will generate a magnetism that will carry your music far beyond your wildest imagination!

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