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Mind Over Metal - The Alchemy of Artistry

Alchemy has been described as many things throughout the ages. It has been associated mostly with the transformation of base minerals and metals into gold. But Alchemy has also been viewed as a philosophy mapping out the ability for one to transform one’s life by connecting to the transformative elements of the Universe. There is so much that can be written about

Alchemy in relation to music as it has long been associated with healing and spirituality and formed the basis for modern music and sound therapies worldwide. There are so many studies about the chakras, elements, Solfeggio frequencies, music and sound therapy etc. that the resources are limitless and date back to the earliest written recordings of all civilizations.

My attempt here is to give you a slight glimpse as to how sound vibrations and energy all carry a power within them. When amplified by our musical expression, this power can transform our lives and have a deep and meaningful impact on all who listen. Music has a profound physical effect on the mind and the body of the listener. We often feel moved and emotionally charged by a particular sound or melody. Whether it’s the hard edge rhythm we bang our heads to, the aggressive tempos we stir up mosh pits with, or the searing melodies that put us in a trance-like state, Heavy Metal has many prime examples of how music moves the listener.

On a deeper level, there is a metaphysical effect of music on the body. This effect is carried to us and through us by the frequencies and vibrations of sound. They are then transmitted throughout our bodies by the electrical impulses that affect various areas of our nervous system, and a chemical reaction to these impulses then drives the momentum of our physical reaction to the sound. Furthermore, the intention behind your music and its performance also determines the weight of effect upon the listener.

Whether it’s a harsh sound, something that sounds off to us or just a vibe we get, sometimes it is very apparent to us that we are “out of tune” with our current surroundings or situation. This is easily explained by understanding how certain frequencies of sound and vibration affect different areas of the body and build either a tension or create a release in our minds. -

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