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Technology Connecting You to Your Roots!


I for one have always marveled at technology and how it can change so rapidly! I remember the invention of the VCR, the CD, the DVD, and each new advancement was a huge leap forward. To me, none of these life changing creations were nearly as exciting as graduating from a Fostex 4 track and a drum machine we called Wang Hoi, to a Mac computer outfitted with Pro Tools and Reason! Now THAT is technology moving forward right there! But over the years of using what is known as the “industry standard” to document and upload the expressive arts of the creative beast within, I have in a way come to rely on technology to do anything that involves music. From the creation of a song, to recording, mixing and performing, I have seen the need for so much technology that for some, pulling the plug on the laptop means the show is over!


With all this being said, I recently dove into another brand new technologically amazing invention known as the iPhone... Well the iPhone 4S to be specific (Yes, it’s the one with the built in personal assistance that makes jokes about where to hide bodies). Being new to the iPhone I quickly browsed for cool music apps not realizing what a powerful tool was pressed between my two big claws. Imaschine, Garageband, Blue Fire, where do I begin? There are so many great apps for making music anywhere, that it opens up a whole new wave of creative possibilities. It also made me quickly realize that there are limitations as I am no longer recording on “The Industry Standard” anymore. So now I am back to using 4 or 8 tracks to record a song and this app over here has great drums but the guitar tone stinks, while this one has great sounds but you have to buy them all! Dang it, I thought this was gonna be easy! Well it actually does get just that! It forces you to simplify, which for me drew me back to my roots of writing Satriani-like instrumentals on a 4 track with just a guitar, some pedals, and good ‘ole Wang Hoi. So first I built some drums in Imaschine and sent the files to Dropbox, Next I recorded some crispy acoustic guitars with the Blue Fire app, and then sent everything to Garageband and I got myself a technologically advanced work of art that is rooted in the essence of how it was crafted 20 years ago!

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