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Building Your Technique Arsenal!


There are many ways that a guitarist can progress and improve upon their skill level no matter what style of music they play or skill level they are currently at. One thing that has proven to be a valuable asset to any musician is the perfection of technique.

Technically Speaking

No matter how much raw talent or ability one innately possesses the one thing that always makes particular artists stand out is their individual technique. This is what set Bruce Lee apart from all other martial artists was his explosive and precise technique. Men like Kobe Bryant & Michael Phelps are great athletic examples of technical perfectionism and stand among the elite due to their personal dedication to the mastery of winning technique. So what exactly is technique? Webster’s dictionary defines it as the manner in which technical details are treated (as by a writer) or basic physical movements are used (as by a dancer); also: ability to treat such details or use such movements (good piano technique). A body of technical methods (as in a craft or in scientific research) or a method of accomplishing a desired aim. In a nutshell, it is the ability to use all of the subtleties within your art to transform your music from being impressive to becoming explosive!

Break it Down

So what does it take to really become a master of technique? Well it takes a keen attention to detail, a clear acknowledgment of your strengths and weaknesses, and a willing attitude to practice till it’s perfect! Once we can visualize all the little details of our music, recognize our strong points and weak points in performing them, and then dedicate the time and patience to strengthen the weaknesses and perfect the strengths, we can build an explosive technique that will become an inspiration to anyone who sees or hears us perform our music. By dissecting each little nuance of a song, riff or scale pattern, we can tap into it’s essence and make a deeper connection to our own creativity. This deeper connectivity will help us hone in on weaknesses and strengths and we will be better suited to build harmony and balance between the two. The outcome will be a flawless performance with unrivaled intensity.

Know Thyself

A great way to start is to take inventory of your skills. Are you a good riffer, is two-handed tapping a strength you have, are you a sweep-picking GOD (if so hit me up we need to talk), and so forth. Once you can identify every technique in your arsenal you can then start to dissect each one, finding ways to improve each nuance and create an explosive technique! Then you can put them all together and intertwine them in your music! This will undoubtedly start unraveling your own personal style and develop a sound that is all YOU! So what makes a good musician stand out in a crowd? Technically it's TECHNIQUE!

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