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The Spirit of Music


In ancient times, poetry and music were often considered sacred testimony carried out by enlightened souls sharing their experience of the divine. Not so anymore. In most cases, art has lost its spiritual connection. In part, Westerners have limited the spirituality of music through the literal restriction of the musical scale to 12 notes. In time the micro-tones and sub frequencies (responsible for transmitting an expansion of consciousness within sacred music) were dismissed as out of tune or discordant. It is difficult to unite an audience through divine expression. This is especially true in Los Angeles, the hub of the world's hedonistic entertainment industry, where most are just looking for amusement, not enlightenment.

Nevertheless, music and mysticism go hand in hand whether it is commonly realized or not. As a young devotee of both music and spirituality, I remain steadfast in my efforts to re-attune souls with their divine note. I was born into a musical and spiritual family where my father was a church choir director and music was introduced to me as a sacred art only to be used for God. My parents went so far as limiting popular music (or secular as it was dubbed by many in the Christian faith) in our home. As my spirit grew and my talents blossomed, there was never a doubt in my mind that my purpose in life had something to do with delivering pure and honest self-expression to all audiences. Bruce Lee, known as the greatest martial artist of all time, illustrated this point poetically:

“Art is the way to the absolute and to the essence of human life. The aim of art is not the one-sided promotion of spirit, soul and senses, but the awakening of all human capacities – thought, feeling, will – to the life rhythm of the world of nature. So will the voiceless voice be heard and the self be brought into harmony with it”

There are many illusions in this world, many veils that cover the eyes and make it difficult for us to see with true clarity of vision. These illusions are further perpetuated as we look at and relate to ourselves by our profession. This was a key factor that was holding me back in life, as I always felt misunderstood or felt that "nobody cared" about my passionate love for the sacred elements delivered in music. For many years I saw myself as a musician or even a "rock star" and that identity is what I worked to uphold. I thought I needed fame and notoriety in order to take the message to the masses. I learned that wasn't true. As we are all one life, those who are attuned to the frequencies of truth will hear them and those in search of truth will be drawn in, each in his own time. Through the many blessings of wisdom that I have been bestowed along my spiritual path, I now have a clear vision that I am not the player but the instrument!

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